Volume 7 (2001)


Book Reviews

Awareness: More Than Meets the Eye A Review of Consciousness Lost and Found: A Neuropsychological Exploration by Lawrence Weiskrantz
Trevor Chong
A Review of The Physics of Consciousness by Evan Harris Walker
Matthew J. Donald
Inattentional Blindness: Reply to Commentaries
Arien Mack
What I AmThe Self as a Dynamic Data Structure Implemented Within a Cognitive Framework by a Functional System
Matthias Scheutz



Inattentional Blindness: Perception or Memory and What Does It Matter?
Cathleen M. Moore
Have We Neglected Phenomenal Consciousness? 
William G. Lycan
Who Is Blind to Blindsight?
Peter Carruthers
Inattentional Awareness
Donelson E. Dulany
It’s Great But Not Necessarily About Attention
Jochen Braun
Consciousness Neglect and Inner Sense: A Reply to Lycan  
Charles Siewert
Spontaneous Blindsight and Immediate Availability: A Reply to Carruthers
Charles Siewert
Experience, Appearance, and Hidden Features 
D. Gene Witmer
Phenomenal Consciousness and the First-Person
Joseph Levine
First Person Warrant Comments On Siewert’s The Significance Of Consciousness
Fred Dretske
Phenomenal Consciousness and Intentionality
Dana K. Nelkin
Taking the First-Person Approach: Two Worries for Siewert’s Sense of ‘Consciousness’
Robert W. Lurz
The Relationship Between Phenomenality and Intentionality Comments On Siewert’s The Significance Of Consciousness
Brie Gertler
Sensation’s Ghost The Non-Sensory “Fringe” of Consciousness
Bruce Mangan
Consciousness, Value and Functionalism
William Seager