Volume 1 (1994)

Book Reviews

Consciousness Reconsidered by Owen Flanagan 
Valerie Gray Hardcastle, Peter E. Pruim
The Computational Brain by P. S. Churchland and T. J. Sejnowski 
Bruce Bridgeman
Stage Effects in the Cartesian Theater: A review of Daniel Dennett’s Consciousness Explained 
Kevin B. Korb
Consciousness and Behavior by Benjamin Wallace and Leslie E. Fisher 
Bruce Bridgeman
Unilateral Neglect: Clinical and Experimental Studies edited by Ian H. Robertson and John C.Marshall
Robin Walker
Getting the Ghost out of the Machine: A Review of Arnold Trehub’s The Cognitive Brain 
Luciano da Fontoura Costa
Consciousness: Philosophical Issues Volume 1, edited by E. Villanueva 
Matthew Elton



Vagueness, Semantics, and the Language of Thought  
Richard DeWitt
Searle on the Brink  
Selmer Bringsjord
A Thoroughly Empirical Approach To Consciousness  
Bernard J. Baars
Baars Falls Prey to the Timidity He Rejects:Commentary on Baars on Contrastive Analysis  
Selmer Bringsjord
Working Definitions of “Non-Conscious”:Commentary on Baars on Contrastive Analysis  
Greg Davis
A Thoroughly Empirical First-Person Approach to Consciousness: Commentary on Baars on Contrastive Analysis  
Max Velmans
Consciousness Requires Global Activation:Commentary on Baars on Contrastive Analysis  
James Newman
The Dead Hand: Commentary on Baars on contrastive analysis  
Bruce Mangan
A Welcome Dialogue on Empirical Issues:Reply to commentaries on Baars on contrastive analysis  
Bernard J. Baars