Volume 8 (2002)



Towards a Synergistic Understanding of Synaesthesia Combining Current Experimental Findings With Synaesthetes’ Subjective Descriptions 
Daniel Smilek, Mike J. Dixon
The Decoupling of “Explicit” and “Implicit” Processing in Neuropsychological Disorders Insights Into the Neural Basis of Consciousness? 
Deborah Faulkner, Jonathan K. Foster
Two Puzzles For a New Theory of Consciousness  
Amie L. Thomasson
Problems of Mental Causation – Whether and How It Can Exist A Review of Jaegwon Kim’s Mind in a Physical World
Rüdiger Vaas
Reducing Consciousness by Making it Hot A Review of Peter Carruthers’ Phenomenal Consciousness
Robert W. Lurz
Experiential Location and Points of View A Review of Max Velmans’ Understanding Consciousness
William S. Robinson
How to Compose Contents A Review of Jerry Fodor’s In Critical Condition: Polemical Essays on Cognitive Science and the Philosophy of Mind
Markus Werning
Phenomenal Consciousness and Intentionality Comments on The Significance of Consciousness
Kirk Ludwig
Consciousness, Intentionality, and Self-Knowledge Replies to Ludwig and Thomasson
Charles Siewert
Processing Fluency as the Source of Experiences at the Fringe of Consciousness
Rolf Reber, Tedra A. Fazendeiro, Piotr Winkielman
The Sound Of One Hand Clapping
Jeffrey Gray
How Can the Self Understand Itself?A Review of Models of the Self Edited by Shaun Gallacher and Jonathan Shear
John G Taylor
Varieties of Rightness Experience How Cognitive Functions Express a Personal Fringe
Georges Potworowski, Michel Ferrari
Fringe Consciousness and the Multifariousness of Emotions
Ronald de Sousa
Subcategories of “Fringe Consciousness” and Their Related Nonconscious Contexts
Elisabeth Norman
Measuring the Fringes of Experience
Mark C. Price
Judgment Day A Review of Aaron Ben-Ze’ev’s The Subtlety Of Emotions
Thomas Raab
Zombie-Mary and the Blue Banana On the Compatibility of the ‘Knowledge Argument’ with the Argument from Modality
Tillmann Vierkant
The Sensation of Making Sense Motivational Properties of the “Fringe”
Erik Woody, Henry Szechtman
Verbal Reports on the Contents of Consciousness Reconsidering Introspectionist Methodology
Eddy A. Nahmias
Of Zombies, Color Scientists, and Floating Iron Bars
Tamler Sommers