Volume 12 (2006)


Book Reviews

A Review of Shaun Gallagher, How the Body Shapes the Mind 
Frederique de Vignemont
A Review of Ruth Byrne, The Rational Imagination: How People Create Alternatives to Reality
Carol Slater
Review of Mind-Altering Drugs: The Science of Subjective Experience (ed.) John Earleywine  
Olivia Carter
Review of Peter Carruthers’, Consciousness: Essays From a Higher-Order Perspective
Rocco J. Gennaro
Review of David Buller’s Adapting Minds
Mitch Parsell



Precis of Action in Perception
Alva Noe
Putting the Brakes on Enactive Perception
Jesse Prinz
Reply to Zahavi: The Value of Historical Scholarship
Thomas Metzinger
Sensorimotor Activity
Mark Rowlands
Vision as Dance? Three Challenges for Sensorimotor Contingency Theory
Andy Clark
Why Visual Experience is Likely to Resist Being Enacted
Pierre Jacob
Unconscious subjectivity
Joseph U. Neisser
Enactive Intentionality
William G. Lycan
Is the Appearance of Shape Protean?
Charles Siewert
Reply to Ghin: Self-Sustainment on the Level of Global Availability
Thomas Metzinger
Reply to Himma: Personal Identity and Cartesian Intuitions
Thomas Metzinger
Reply to Hobson: Can there be a First-Person Science of Consciousness?
Thomas Metzinger
Reply to Legrand: Content from the Inside Out
Thomas Metzinger
Reply to Livet: Meta-abeyance?
Thomas Metzinger
Reply to Weisberg: No direction home—searching for neutral ground 
Thomas Metzinger
A Place for Dogs and Trees?
Thomas W. Polger
A Place for Protoconsciousness?
Yujin Nagasawa
Does Synesthesia Undermine Representationalism?
Torin Alter
Doubts About Receptivity
William S. Robinson
Panexperientialism, Cognition, and the Nature of Experience
Amy Kind
Rosenberg on Causation
Jennifer McKitrick
Rosenberg, Reducibility and Consciousness
William Seager



Introduction: Consciousness and Self-Representation
Uriah Kriegel
Doublemindedness: A model for a dual content cognitive architecture
Jenann Ismael
Comment on Ismael’s “Doublemindedness: A Model for a dual content cognitive architecture”
Brad Thompson
Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge
Amie L. Thomasson
Comment on A. Thomasson, “Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge”
Victor Caston
The Representational Base of Consciousness
Andrew Brook, Paul Raymont
Is Self-Representation Necessary for Consciousness?
William Seager
Two Takes on a One-Level Account of Consciousness
Dan Zahavi
Zahavi versus Brentano: A Rejoinder
Kenneth Williford