Volume 4 (1998)


Book Reviews

Higher-Order Thought Rendered Defenseless Review of Consciousness and Self-Consciousness: A Defense of the Higher-Order Thought Theory of Consciousness by Rocco Gennaro
Drew McDermott
Another Linguistic Turn? Review of Language, Thought and Consciousness: An Essay in Philosophical Psychology by Peter Carruthers
Lawrence Kaye
Simple Conscious Percepts Require Complex Unconscious Processing Review of Indirect Perception By Irvin Rock
Bruce Bridgeman
Defining Awareness by the Triangular Circuit Of Attention
David LaBerge
Five Enigmas Regarding LaBerge’s (1997) Triangular-Circuit Theory of Attention and Self-Referential Theory of Awareness
Nelson Cowan
Learning to Work Together:Review of Consciousness In Philosophy And Cognitive Neuroscience, Antti Revonsuo and Matti Kamppinen (Eds.)
W.F.G. Haselager
A Forlorn Hope: Psychoanalysis in Search of Scientific Respectability Review of The Evolution of the Emotion Processing Mind by Robert Langs
Christian Perring
The Visual Brain in Action
A.David Milner
Aware Brains, Unaware Subjects
Burkhart Fischer
A Stroll Through the Worlds of Animats and Humans: Review of Being There: Putting Brain, Body and World Together Again by Andy Clark 
Anthony Chemero
From Real Patterns to Prospective Quacks: Review of Brainchildren: Essays on Designing Minds by Daniel Dennett
Joao Teixeira
Facilitation, Inhibition, and the Advantage of Two Connections
Kyle R. Cave
The Missing Link: Commentary on LaBerge’s Triangular Circuit
James Newman
Memory’s Fragile Power Review of Searching for Memory: The Brain, the Mind, and the Past by D.L. Schacter. 
Dr C. P. Beaman
Animal Cognition: Theory and Evidence Review of Species of Mind: The Philosophy and Biology of Cognitive Ethology by Colin Allen and Marc Bekoff 
William S. Robinson
What Is Consciousness? Review of The Science of Consciousness by Max Velmans (ed.) 
Patrice Terrier
Cognitive Science and its Discontents Review of Two Sciences of Mind by S. O’ Nuallain, P. McKevitt and E. Mac Aogain (Eds.)
Massimo Marraffa



Animal Subjectivity
Peter Carruthers
Functionalism, Causation, and Causal Relevance
Kirk Ludwig
Re-Examining the Role of Consistency: The Cornerstone, not Simply an Important Factor
Patrice Terrier
Constructing the Relational Mind
John G. Taylor
Control of Conscious Contents in Directed Forgetting and Thought Suppression
Tony Whetstone, Mark D. Cross