Volume 5 (1999)


Book Reviews

The Conundrum of Unconventional Consciousness: Comments on LaBerge’s Theory of Attention and Awareness
Alan P. Rudell
Why the Folk Aren’t Doing Psychology: Review of Interpreting Minds by Radu Bogdan
Carol Slater
Inattentional Blindness An Overview By Arien Mack and Irvin Rock
Arien Mack, Irvin Rock
Automaticity and Processing Without Awareness
Joseph Tzelgov
More Mysteries About Consciousness? Review of Consciousness: Psychological and Philosophical Essays by M. Davies and G.W. Humphreys
Winand H. Dittrich
Eccles-iastical Dualism:Review of Evolution of the Brain: Creation of the Self by John Eccles
Selmer Bringsjord, Joseph A. Daraio
How To Saw The Concept of Attention In Half Without Sacrificing the Subject: Review of The Psychology of Attention by Harold Pashler
Simon Moss
Cognitive Models Go Paddling in the Waters of Consciousness: Review of Scientific Approaches To Consciousness, Jonathan Cohen and Jonathan Schooler (Eds.)
Mark C. Price
What is Consciousness? Review of The Science Of Consciousness by Max Velmans (Ed.)
Patrice Terrier
Memory’s Fragile Power Review of Searching for Memory: The Brain, the Mind, and the Past by D.L. Schacter.
C.Philip Beaman
Animal Cognition: Theory and Evidence Review of Species of Mind: The Philosophy and Biology of Cognitive Ethology by Colin Allen and Marc Bekoff 
William S. Robinson
Cognitive Science and its Discontents Review of Two Sciences of Mind by S. O’ Nuallain, P. McKevitt and E. Mac Aogain (Eds.) 
Massimo Marraffa
Psychology Divided Review of Mind and Brain Sciences in the 21st Century Robert L. Solso (Ed.) 
Katarzyna Paprzycka
Franklin’s New Infant Theory of Mind: Review of Artificial Minds: An Exploration of the Mechanisms of Mind by Stan Franklin 
Luciano da Fontoura Costa
Teaching Philosophy with Argumentation Maps Review of Can Computers Think? The Debate by Robert E. Horn 
Thomas Metzinger



A Theory of Phenomenal Consciousness?
William S. Robinson
Active, Thin and Hot! An Actualist Response to Carruthers’ Dispositionalist HOT View
Josh Weisberg
Of Two Minds About Two Visual Systems
Oliver H. Turnbull
What Neuroimaging Tells Us About the Division of Labour in the Visual System
Jean Decety
A Response to Carruthers’ Natural Theories of Consciousness
William G. Lycan
Consciousness, Coordination, and Two Visual Streams
Peter McGeorge
Attention, Consciousness, and the Damaged Brain:Insights From Parietal Neglect and Extinction 
Jason B. Mattingley
Consciousness Without Awareness 
Eric Saidel
Two Visual Brains in Action
Bruce Bridgeman
Triangles, Pyramids, Connections and Attentive Inhibition
John K. Tsotsos
Perception Through Action 
Vittorio Gallese, Laila Craighero, Luciano Fadiga, Leonardo Fogassi
Carruthers on the Deficits of Animals
Derek Browne
Automata, Receptacles, and Selves
Paola Cavalieri, Harlan B. Miller
A Dichotomous Visual Brain? 
Marc Jeannerod
Who Has Subjectivity?
Michael Lyvers
Access to Another Mind: Naturalistic Theories Require Naturalistic Data
Mark A. Krause, Gordon M. Burghardt
Binding Through the Fovea: A Tale of Perception in the Service of Action
Paul Cisek, Martine Turgeon
Saving the Phenomenal
Larry Shapiro
How to Solve the Hard Problem: A Predictable Inexplicability
David Brooks